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Monday, November 14, 2016

iRobot Business Strategy 2016

November 10 iRobot presented recently some interesting details about its new business strategy.  The company is now solely focused on home maintaining and extending leadership in growing robotic vacuum cleaning (RVC), building wet floor care into second revenue stream, connecting iRobot products within the home, extending connected products and emerging as a strategic player in the Smart Home. 
iRobot's share of the global robot floor cleaning market is estimated to 60+% of units. The new product category Wet Floor Cleaning Robots (WFCR) could be larger than RVC in Asia, the company expects and the company will take direct control of the brand in China. 
iRobots future vision is now strongly based on the IOT & Smart Home concept with robots working together to deliver unique benefits. With cloud technology from Amazon to enable scale, robot control apps and cost effective breakthrough NAV performance iRobot will be recognized as an Emerging Player in IoT/Smart Home Market. 
iRobot Analyst Day Presentation

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