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Friday, November 08, 2013

The ROBO-STOX™ Global Robotics and Automation Index

Next Tuesday, Nov. 12th, a robot will ring the closing bell for the NASDAQ stock exchange celebrating a brand new robotics industry ETF (a mutual fund that is traded on a stock exchange). The ETF, ticker symbol ROBO, is predicated on an index licensed from Robo-Stox™ LLC 
Robo-Stox is promoted as the world's first benchmark index tracking robotics and automation companies, with 77 stocks from companies around the world included in the fund. The fund has assets of $2.5 million and a management fee of 0.95 percent. About 40 percent of the 77 companies in the index are industry bellwether manufacturers such as iRobot, ABB, Intuitive Surgical, and Yaskawa Electric. For a complete list please click here

Thursday, November 07, 2013

MOSS - The Dynamic Robot Construction Kit

MOSS is a brand new robot construction system from Modular Robotics. It was designed, prototyped and engineered over the last two and a half years. Building with MOSS is incredibly fun and easy thanks to an intuitive, magnetic construction system. With MOSS there is no need for coding or wiring any construction. The power and data are sent through an elegant single button contact, while the ground passes through the steel spheres.MOSS uses over-molded neodymium, "rare earth," magnets and carbon steel ball bearings to build a wide variety of constructions. The tactile click of building with MOSS is enough to keep you entertained for hours. For more information please visit the Moss Kickstarter website.