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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

3 million Euro grant for socially intelligent robotics research

Credit: Giraff Technologies
The Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam will be coordinating a new FP7 project to develop a socially intelligent telepresence robot system. A total grant of €3 million is awarded by the European Commission to this project. The project is titled TERESA (Telepresence Reinforcement-Learning Social Agent) and led by dr. Shimon Whiteson, aims to develop a socially intelligent telepresence robot system, in which a human controller remotely interacts with people by guiding a remotely located robot. The TERESA  system will automatically navigate among groups of people in a socially appropriate way and display socially appropriate body language when interacting with people around it. This new system will be used to help elderly people maintain social interaction by remotely participating in activities in elderly day centres when, due to illness or physical immobility, they are unable to physically attend. The robotic platform will be delivered by Giraff Technologies.

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