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Monday, April 29, 2013

Kinematics - Next generation robotic creativity tool

The future of robotics will be driven by next generation kids exploring the world with digital and robotic tools such as iPhone, iPad and Lego Mindstorm.
A new highly creative modular robotic system, Kinematics, invented and developed by German product designer Leonhard Oschütz, allows a wide range of applications. It is possible to construct models based on bionics as well as autonomously moving vehicles – anything is possible.
Kinematics for kids is a modular robotic construction kit, consisting of kinetic modules and adaptor blocks, which can be connected freely and without the use of cables. Kinematics is suitable for children from the age of 5 years and upwards, and with no computer skills being necessary, they may build interactive robots which have the ability to move. Exploring and playing with the Kinematic Blocks introduces children to the world of mechanics, sensors and renewable energy. The construction kit is a highly entertaining and useful teaching tool with an intuitive interface. The adaptor blocks enable Kinematics to be connected to other leading
construction kits.
Check out the video below for a short introduction.


beambot said...

Reminds me of Cubelets by Modular Robotics

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