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Friday, February 22, 2013

Augmented reality interface for telepresence robots

Credit: Giraff
Telepresence robots are a new segment within mobile service robots providing solutions for advanced mobile video conferencing communication and remote navigation. Telepresence robots are remote controlled cameras on wheels and connected via Wi-Fi to the users computer, moble phone or tablet. The user can communicate via a "human-scale" robot with other people and move around a workplace or home from anywhere.
Researcher Giovanni Mosiello from the Department of Technology at Örebro University, has investigated how to enhance the depth perception when using a telepresence robot interacting to other people between long distance. In his experiments he found out that very often users do not have any knowledge of how to drive a robot and in most cases are not even familiar with the typical movement commands in the field of 3D gaming. Users do not feel themselves into the environment in which telepresence robot works. But this kind of perception is critical for operating because it allows the users to effectively estimate the distance between the objects and how the robot can avoid collisions. Telepresence robots allow people to explore remote environments,  A person only needs to know how to drive them in order to feel his/herself inside a remote environment. The main goal of the project was  to provide a user interface that improves the user’s depth perception through a 2D visual feedback and, as a secondary target, to allow non-expert users to become familiar with the robot control interface. In his thesis "Telepresence robot: an effective drive interface using the augmented reality" Mosiello describes how a more user friendly interface can reduce the effort needed to drive the robot properly, especially for non-expert users.

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