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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Smartphone Home Robotics

Smartphone and Home Robotics are hot topics at CEATECH 2012 in Tokyo. Japan's premier provider of leading-edge mobile voice, data and multimedia services, NTT DOCOMO, is demonstrating Shabette Robot, a new concept “docomo cloud” service that incorporates a small, NEC Papero  robot as an intelligent personal assistant that talks with users to provide them with highly personalized information.
With more than 60 million customers in Japan, the company is one of the world's largest mobile communications operators and an attractive partner for home robot developers.
NEC started research and development on personal robots in 1997 with the intention to develop a partner able to operate together with humans. PaPeRo has various basic functions for the purpose of interacting with people such as  speech recognition and speech synthesis, face recognition, touch sensors, obstacle avoidance and autonomous behavior. Check out the demo video below. (Japanese only).

Eye Tracking Interface
ibeam - is a new concept user interface for tablets based on eye tracking technology of Swedish Tobii, that makes it possible to scroll a browser screen or turn pages of a book reader simply by eye movement. With ibeam’s eye-tracking technology, many applications can be operated even if the user’s other hand is busy holding a train strap, carrying bags, etc., making it difficult to operate the device with their fingers.

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