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Friday, October 26, 2012

Foresight: Multi-sense Robotic Internet Communication

Credit: Keio-NUS, Petimo
Next generation of Internet will become multi-sensitive including sight, sound, touch, taste and smell for experience communication. This will boost new concepts of entertainment, marketing and education.
Researchers at the Cute Center, Keio-NUS, Singapore, are exploring and developing Experience Media, “media that uses multi-sensory connection technology to engage millions of children, families and friends in playful, creative and affective interactive dialogue”.

One research area is senses over the Internet developing concepts and prototypes of robotic communication. “Petimo” is an interactive robotic toy designed to protect children from potential risks in social networks and the virtual world and helps them to make a safely connected social networking environment. Adding friends is done by physically touching two robots. This proximity requirement increases safety and adds a new physical dimension to social networking. The physical authorization layer prevents malevolent adult strangers to connect with the child. In a futuristic scenario, Petimo will be able to connect to any social network protecting the child on any social network.

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