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Friday, September 07, 2012

Robotic Sprint World Record: 45,5 km/h (18 mph)

The cheetah is known as the world’s fastest animal, able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. The fastest cheetah was timed to run approximately 200 meters in 7 seconds, equivalent to 29 meters per second or 64 mph (113 kmh).

Usain Bolt holds the world records for the fastest 100 meter and 200 meter race times. Bolt ran the 100 meter race in 9.58 seconds, and the 200 meter race in 19.19 seconds, significantly slower than the cheetah at 23 mph (37 kmh). According to the International Association of Athletics Federations, Bolt set the world speed record for a human in 2009 when he reached a peak speed of 27.78 mph for a 20-meter split during the 100-meter sprint.

DARPA's four-legged Cheetah robot recently reached a top speed of 45.5 kmh, slightly faster than the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt which peaked at 44.7 kmh. Cheetah was recently clocked at 28.3 mph for a 20-meter split. The Cheetah had a slight advantage over Bolt as it ran on a treadmill, the equivalent of a 28.3 mph tail wind, but most of the power Cheetah used was to swing its legs fast enough, not to propel itself forward.

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