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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Toyota Partner Robot

Toyota Motor Company (TMC) has demonstrated the new type of partner robot. The Human Support Robot (HSR) prototype at the the 39th International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition 2012, at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center in Koto Ward, Tokyo. 
The new robot has a weight of 32 kg and a body diameter of 370 mm. The body height ranges from 830 mm to 1330 mm. The robot has one arm with a length of 775 mm and can carry objects up to 1,2 kg and and upp to 130 mm wide. The maximum speed is 3 km/h.   
The HSR prototype was developed in cooperation with the Japan Service Dog Association to identify the needs and desires of individuals with limited limb mobility, and developed functions focused around picking up dropped objects, retrieving items, and communicating with family members and caregivers. 
Check out the latest Youtube videos published by Kazumichi Moriyama. 

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