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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Toyota Human Support Robot

Credit: TMC, HSR 2012
Toyota Motor Corp. has announced a new human support robot (HSR) prototype to assist independent home living for persons with limited arm or leg mobility. The prototype robot is an addition to the Toyota Partner Robot series that TMC is developing to assist people in their everyday activities.
The HSR—operable by voice command or by tablet PC—has a highly maneuverable, compact, and lightweight cylindrical body with a folding arm that enables it to pick up objects off the floor, suction up thin objects, retrieve objects from high locations, open curtains, and perform other household tasks.  Furthermore, the moving parts of the body and arm do not generate large amounts of force, thus ensuring user safety and peace of mind.prototype home robot to help residents who cannot easily walk, bend or pick things up. Aiming to improve quality of life, TMC has developed the HSR prototype in cooperation with the Japan Service Dog Association to identify the needs and desires of individuals with limited limb mobility, and developed functions focused around picking up dropped objects, retrieving items, and communicating with family members and caregivers.  In 2011, TMC conducted in-home trials using the robot with individuals with limb disabilities in cooperation with the Foundation for Yokohama Rehabilitation Service and incorporated user feedback into development.

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