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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Telepresence Robot of the Future

Telexistence Robot TELESAR V, developed at Tachi Lab., a world leading laboratory in the field of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Telexistence, at Keio University, Japan, is a fundamental concept that enables a user to bind with a dexterous robot and experience what robot can feels from its fingertip when manipulating and touching objects remotely and enable the user to perceive the same haptic sensation.
Conventional teleoperated robots often demonstrate higher degrees of freedom to manipulate specialized tools with precision. But these movements are mediated by the human participant's natural movements, which sometimes generates confusing feedback. These teleoperated robots also need special training to understand the body boundaries when performing tasks. TELESAR V is a dexterous anthropomorphic slave robot that duplicates the same size and movements of an ordinary human and maps the user's spinal, neck, head, and arm movements. With this system, users can perform tasks dexterously and feel the robot's body boundaries through wide-angle high-definition vision, binaural stereo audio, and fingertip haptic sensations.
Check out the latest SIGGRAPH 2012 video below. 

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