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Saturday, July 21, 2012

AL-KO Robotic Lawn Mower

Credit: AL-KO GmbH,  Robolinho 3000
The market for robotic lawn mowers is attracting more and more companies. The latest player is German lawn mower manufacturer AL-KO. The company has released a new robotic lawn mower, Robolinho 3000. The robot has a cutting width of 30 cm and the cutting height can be varied easily between 3 to 6 cm. The AL-KO robotic lawn mower can master terrain slopes up to 35%.
The robot is equiped with a Ah/25 2.6 V lithium-ion battery for automatic cutting of up to 1,200-square-foot lawn. The Robolinho 3000 is easy to use, reliable and safe working, with just 65 dB (A). When lifting the unit will shut off the mower automatically.  Robolinho 3000 is also proteced with PIN and PUK codes. Priced € 1.890. 

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D.J Enright said...

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