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Monday, June 25, 2012

Samsung filed Humanoid Robot Patent

Credit: Samsung Eletronics
Korean Samsung Electronics have filed a patent for a "humanoid" robot. The application filed at The United States Patent and Trade Marks Office (USPTO) describes a walking robot and a control method thereof. The control method includes storing angle change data according to time corresponding to at least one joint unit of the robot using human walking data, extracting reference knot points from the angle change data according to time, and generating a reference walking trajectory using the extracted reference knot points, calculating a walking change factor to perform change between walking patterns of the robot, generating a target walking trajectory through an arithmetic operation between the reference walking trajectory and the calculated walking change factor, calculating a control torque to track the generated target walking trajectory, and transmitting the calculated control torque to the at least one joint unit so as to control walking of the robot, thereby achieving various walking patterns through a comparatively simple arithmetic operation process.

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