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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

iRobot Market Shares 2012

Credit: iRobot, Scooba 230
At the 40th Annual J.P. Morgan Global Technology Conference in Boston market leader in consumer robotics iRobot presented some data about the global market for vacuum cleaning robots. iRobot has sold over 7.5 million home robots so far and is currently selling in over 45 countries around the world and expanding.
iRobot estimates the annual value of the global market of vacuum cleaners (>$200 USD retail prices) to $5,75 billion. The global market share of robotic vacuums is 12% ($M 680) and of that iRobot accounts for 10% ($M 551). iRobots market share in the US and Canada is estimated to 8% of $1,75 billion market, while other Robotic vacuums account for 3%. The EMEA market is valued $2,1 billion and iRobot's market share to 13%, other robotics vacuums account for 8%. At the $1,7 billion Asia Pacific market iRobot has a market share of 8% and other robotics vacuums 4%. At the $200 million Latin America market iRobot has a market share of 1%.
Strong Growth for Home Robots 
iRobot expects strong growth in 2012 for home robots that will account for 75% ov total revenue in  the range $M 465-485. The company is targeting well-defined customers such as the 500 million modern professionals aged 25-54, who are technology savvy, clean their home >twice/week and have a cat or dog at home.  iRobot is driving home robot growth in 2012 with the new Scooba 230  floor washing robot and the Roomba 700 vacuum cleaning robot.


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