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Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 Q1 Record Orders for German Kuka

German industrial robot manufacturer KUKA reports record orders and dubble earnings after taxes for the first quarter 2012. 
Credit: KUKA 2012
Consolidated orders received reach a new record of EUR 602,6 million, up 51,8% from the year prior. Both divisions report highest ever orders received in a single quarter.
Sales revenue increased +12,5% from the prior year to EUR 367,3 million. EBIT margin of 6% was significantly higer than the year prior. Robotics' 10,4% exceeds target margin and Systems rises to 4,4%.
Earning after taxes double to EUR 10,8 million.
The sales forecast for 2012 is about EUR 1,5 billion and EBIT margin is expected to be 5,5 to 6%.
Credit: KUKA Light Weight Robots
KUKA's business focus 2012 will be to secure market share increase for robotics division and to reduce business risk for systems division.

The long term strategi is to safeguard automotive business, increase general industry business and strengthen global positioning. In advanced robotics KUKA plans to increase revenues in the health care segment and to enter the market for service robotics. KUKA expects a high margin potential in health care and service robotics including robotics for radio therapy, diagnosis, minimal invasive surgery, and rehabilitation.

KUKA is market leader in robotics for the automotive industry, with a 50% market share in Europe. In general industry KIKA is among top 5 with a market share around 7% and among top 3 in Europe with around 15% marketshare.  

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