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Monday, March 19, 2012

Robotic Arm wins European Tech Transfer Award 2012

Prof. Robert Riener, Tobias Nef and Alexander Duschau-Wicke, ETH Zurich win the first prize of the 2012 euRobotic Technology Transfer Award for their development and commercialization of "ARMin: Robot-Assisted Neurorehabilitation of the Arm". The prize was delivered at the award ceremony of the European Robotics Forum that took place in Odense, Denmark, March 6-8.
ARMin is a robot-assisted arm training system that enables patients who have suffered from strokes or spinal cord injuries to put in the kind of intensive therapy required for the brain to recover critical functions. ARMin has been extensively tested with patients at University Hospital Balgrist in Zurich, Switzerland.
Swiss company Hocoma, the leader in robotic rehabilitation therapy for neurological movement disorders,  offers the ARMin system branded as ArmeoPower, the world’s first commercially available robotic arm exoskeleton for neurorehabilitation. The Armeo®Power is a rehabilitative exercise device that allows early rehabilitation of motor abilities and provides intelligent arm support in a large 3D workspace. As a part of the sustainable Armeo Therapy Concept, the ArmeoPower is designed for individuals who have suffered strokes, traumatic brain injuries or other neurological disorders resulting in hand and arm impairment.
The system has extended Hocoma’s well-established Armeo Therapy Concept that improves the efficiency of therapy treatments because the exercises are self-initiated, self-directed, functional and intense. Even severely impaired patients can practice independently, without the constant presence of a therapist, allowing patients to exploit their full potential for recovery.

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