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Friday, March 16, 2012

Floor Washing Robot for US$ 499

iRobot, the market leader in floor cleaning robots, has launched the Scooba 390 floor washing robot, a replacement for the Scooba 380. The new Scooba is an upgrade of the 380 with a simplified design and 30 % better battery life thanks to "Extended Power Life Management. The robot can clean up to 42 square meters per run. Scooba sweeps up loose crumbs, sand and dirt to prep the floor before it washes, scrubs and squeegees the floor.
iRobot's Scooba 390 is on sale now for US $499, the same price as the Scooba 380 that it replaces.
International models of the Scooba floor washing robots will be available online and from select retailers in EMEA and Latin America starting in April, and in the United Kingdom this summer. Check out the promo video below.

iRobot offers also a special Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, an effective, economical and safe cleaning solution formulated for the Scooba Floor Washing Robot. Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner uses pure vegetable-based enzymes to break down grease, food particles and dirt into oxygen, carbon and other all natural elements that readily integrate with the environment, instead of polluting it. Effective on all sealed hard floors, including wood. One 16-oz bottle highly concentrated cleaner equals 64 uses per bottle and costs US$ $12.99

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