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Monday, February 27, 2012

Robots in the Smart Home

South Korean communications provider KT has introduced the Kibot 2 robot at Learning Without Frontiers 2012, a global education conference held in London, UK. The Kibot 2 enables presch oolers and elementary school kids to enjoy diverse education content and multimedia functions. Kibot 2 responds to voice and touch instructions. KT developed the robot, which runs on Android, with I-River. The Kibot 2 is priced at KRW 681,000 and the service fee starts at KRW 15,000 per month. The robot can be connected to Olleh internet and can also be used as a remote monitoring device and video conferencing device. Kibot 2 is an updated version of the first Kibot, which won the 2011 Presidential Award for robots, and one of KT’s ambitious projects designed to create a completely automated smart home.

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