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Monday, February 27, 2012


RoboJockey is a new  interface for real-time, simultaneous, and continuous creation of robot actions for everyone. Coordinating robot actions, such as dancing, similar to a "disc jockey" or "video jockey" who selects and plays recorded music or video for an audience, is giving people a new entertainment experience with robots. The system enables a user to choreograph a robot to dance using a simple visual language. RoboJockey consists of a multi-touch tabletop interface for multi-user collaboration. Every icon on the interface is circular and can be operated from all positions around the tabletop interface. RoboJockey supports two types of robots, a simple mobile robot and a humanoid robot. Users can coordinate the mobile robot’s actions with a combination of back, forward, and rotating movements, and the humanoid robot’s actions with a combination of arm and leg movements. Every action is automatically performed to background music.

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