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Monday, January 16, 2012

Swedish Robot Dystopia 2012

While the European robotics elite is planing for a 1 Billion Euro Robot Companions for Citizens project, aimed to develop a new generation of robots that will be self-adaptive machines helpful to humans throughout their lifetimes,  public Swedish Television "enlights" in good old Western tradition with a robotic dystopia including job killing, robot love, crime and luddites.
On Sunday January 22, Swedish Television will start a new 10 hours robotics series called "Real Humans"(Äkta Människor). "Real humans" is an robotic dystopia where some people's lives change dramatically by the new generation of humanoid robots - hubots. Mimi abducted from the group of wild hubots to be sold on the black market and Leo break away to find her. In the meantime, the Engman family buys a hubot to Lennart's grandfather, when his old workhorse has crashed. The purchase includes a used hubot copy with a mysterious past. Warehouse worker Roger feels regret for step-son Kevin and his disgust with all hubots grow, especially against the hubot as his ex-wife decided to live with.

Beautiful people

On the other side of the Atlantic NBC has cast the first two regulars for its futuristic drama pilot Beautiful People, written by Cougar Town co-executive producer/director/actor Michael McDonald. The story takes place in the near future in a world where humans co-exist with mechanical androids that look like people but are treated like second-class citizens. More specifically the story explores the concept of ‘what if’, in a scenario where mechanical humans serve the human population. That begins to change when the automatons start to “awaken”.

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