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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Stop Unmanned Vehicles?

Sci-fi visions of electronic warfare and cyber wars has become reality and business opportunity. 
The successful hijacking of the U.S. stealth drone  RQ-170 Sentinel by IRAN in December 2011 demonstrated the vulnerability and navigational weakness of the most advanced high-tech unmanned aerial vehicles.
Conductive Liquid War
Stopping drones is only one example of the increasing tech-fight. Immobilizing dangerous and criminal car drivers is a risky task for police and security personal. Now the U.S. Navy seeks to commercialize U.S. Patent 6,723,225 - Automobile engine disabling device (AEDD). The device, developed by SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, allows a user to disable a vehicle from a safe distance during high-speed pursuits. The device is composed of a fluid delivery system coupled to an electrical power source, which propels streams of conductive liquid onto a target vehicle. The streams act as tethers creating a closed circuit for pulses of electrical energy to be delivered, disrupting and disabling the vehicle’s electrical systems. The device can be outfitted to various mobile and aerial platforms.

Commercializing the conductive liquid patent might open a new era of law enforcing tactics, but the risk is also high that the bad guys will start spraying conductive liquid on high-tech police vehicles. The high-tech war has only started. 

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