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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Open Robotics from the Netherlands

TU/e AMIGO care robot
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has launched the Robotic Open Platform (ROP), an open source system for robot hardware. The aim of this project is to become a large plug and play library to which robot builders worldwide can add their designs or improve existing ones. The higher goal is to accelerate the development of applications such as care robots, and to make them much cheaper than they are at present. TU/e itself is making available the complete blueprints of its AMIGO care robot and the well known TU/e soccer robots. The heart of the Robotic Open Platform is a Wiki, in which all participants can make their designs available for others to copy or improve. The aim is for all elements in the Wiki to fit together seamlessly, both literally and figuratively, for example by standardization.
The Robotic Open Platform will be the hardware counterpart of the existing ROS (Robot Operating System) open source system for robot software. This was started in 2007 in the USA, and many robot developers have joined in the initiative. For example the software of AMIGO is also based on the principles developed in ROS. 
Elderly Care Robotics in the Netherlands
The recently started Bobbie project aims to bootstrap a Dutch industry for personal robots for the elderly care by setting design standards, Integrating existing robot components and testing the system, and developing a research platform based on these tests. 
Robotic Hand Made in The Netherlands
Lacquey BV develops robotic hands that can handle a broad variety of shapes and sizes, and can delicately handle fragile products. The patented technology is based on extensive research at Delft University of Technology.

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