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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New Language for Talking with Robots

Researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Industrial Design, Designed Intelligence Group have developed a new spoken language called  RObot Interaction Language (ROILA) that is optimized for the communication between machines and humans. It is extremely easy to learn for humans and it is simple for machines to recognize. 
The simple grammar has no irregularities and the words are composed of phonemes that are shared among the majority of natural languages. The set of major phonemes was generated from the overview of natural languages. Moreover, the researchers composed a genetic algorithm that generated ROILA’s words in a way that they are easy to pronounce. The same algorithm makes sure that the words in the dictionary sound as different from each other as possible.  This helps the speech recognizer to accurately understand the human speaker.  

Below is an example of Asimov Laws in ROILA:
Jewomo kilu. Lobo waboki buse nijofa losa bebibe jilufe buno buse jilufe.
(Law 1. Robot must no damage man through act or no act.)
Jewomo seju. Lobo waboki nomes jilufe sojan fumene tuji bufo jifi pofan losa kenet similu bopup jewomo kilu.
Law 2. Robot must take act any order(s) give(n) by man, if agreement with Law one.
Jewomo tewajo. Lobo waboki pisal jalawe bamas fenob fomu takanu kenet similu bopup jewomo kilu sowu jewomo seju.
Law 3. Robot must make safe this life of self, if agreement with Law 1 and Law 2.

If you want to learn some basic ROILA please click here.

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