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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

€M4,8 for Robotic Companion Elderly Project (FP7)

Care-o-bot 3, Fraunhofer

What is needed to provide quality of life for the elderly at home with help of robot companions in the future? What are the needs and preferences of the eldery and how can these needs become fulfilled with help of some interactive robotics friends? 
Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire belief in care robotics and have started developing a robotic system which they hope will be a suitable companion for older people. In the three-year, € 4.8 million  ACCOMPANY FP7 project the researchers will carry out research in the University’s Robot House, where they will use the interactive butler Care-o-bot® 3, developed by Fraunhofer IPA,to carry out a wide range of studies with focus on the specific user group of elderly people to assess their requirements and acceptance of the robot as part of an intelligent home environment. Results will then be fed back to adapt the technology so that it better suits user demands and preferences.  Other project partners are: Hogeschool Zuyd, Fraunhofer, University of Amsterdam, University of Sienna, MADoPA - a French expert centre and University of Birmingham.

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