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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Japanese Robot Market 2011

Japan accounts for 34% of global robot demand thanks, in large part, to its highly robotized automobile industry.

Industrial Robots +13% 
The total shipment of manipulators and robots in the first three quarters of 2011 was 376831 million yen (US$ 4.85 billion), an increase of +13,3% compared with 2010. 
Domestic +23%
The total domestic shipments was 94391 million yen (+23%) and accounts for 25% of the total shipments.  
Export +10%
The total export was 282440 million yen (+10%), which accounts for 75% of the total shipments. 

Post Disaster Recovery
Despite the devastating earth quake and tsunami disaster in March 11, 2011, the country's worst disaster of the post-war period, the Japanese industry recovered very quickly. The economy began to rebound in May 2011 driven by public and private reconstruction spending. 

Recovery in demand for semiconductors used in smartphones and netbooks (mini-notebook computers) was driving orders for robots for semiconductor manufacturing but also large-scale robots used in vacuum environments and new automobile production lines, notably in China and other Asian countries contributed to increase of domestic and export shipments. 

The Big Three
The big three Japanese robot manufacturers Fanuc, Yaskawa Electric and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, accounting for over half of global robot sales, reported strong increase in sales and operating income. 

Yaskawa Robotics posted consolidated net sales of 83843 million yen in FY 2010/2011, up +46% compared with the previous fiscal year. The group sales accounted for 28,2% of consolidated net sales. Operating income was 1673 million yen with represents 2% operating income ratio. 

The Fanuc Robot Group posted consolidated sales of 77989 yen million in FY 2010/2011, up 6.0 % compared with the previous fiscal year. Robot Group sales accounted for 17.5 % of consolidated net sales. 

Kawasaki's robot division was transferred from the Motorcycle & Engine segment to the “Precision Machinery” segment in 2010. The net sales of the precision machinery division were significantly higher than the previous fiscal year at 140328 million yen, due in part to an increase in sales of hydraulic machinery to the construction machinery industry, as well as various clean robots for semiconductor production equipment. Operating income increased to 22318 million yen. 

The Big Three Stock Price 1999-2011 
Yaskawa (blue), Fanuc (red), Kawasaki (Yellow)

(Souces: Jara, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Google Financial)

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