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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Creative Robotics in Europe 2011

For seven months, 45 pupils from three Munich schools worked together on the project “I am reaching for the stars and building the 21st century – even if only for a moment”. 
The objective of this “TheoPrax model” project in Munich was to develop ideas for project work of a serious nature for secondary schools and commercial colleges in Munich. TheoPrax is a teaching and learning system that combines theoretical and practical elements in the skills development and career guidance of young people.  Based on an idea by Munich-based performing artist Berkan Karpat, and under the guidance of the Department for Employment and Economic Affairs, the pupils set up an artistic installation depicting the topic of “creation” and combining audiovisual elements and the programming of a MOTOMAN robot. The resulting work was on show at an exhibition in Munich from 26 to 28 July 2011.

The Roberta "Hands-on" Robotics Education Network

Since 2002 "Roberta" takes girls and young women into the fascinating world of robots, where they can learn science, technology and math (STEM).
Every year Roberta reaches more than 20.000 students in over 500 registered Roberta Courses. The concept, developed at Fraunhofer IAIS, shows impressively how the interest of young people, especially of girls, for technology and science can be raised. Students from the age of 10 years on are headed to the world of robotics!

Gender-appropriate educational materials, certified Roberta-teachers and the Roberta-network provide "hands-on" robot courses that are suitable for girls and boys alike.
Fear of contact with science and technology don't even emerge with Roberta.

Roberta® is a registered trademark of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e. V.
In 2011 "Roberta" extended her range: in addition to build and program Robots. Students got the chance in the future Roberta courses to develop their own smartphone apps. The Foundation " supports the project with a total grant amount of $ 250,000.

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