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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winners of the 1st Robie Awards 2011

The winners of the 1st annual ROBIE Awards have been announced during the RoboBusiness Leadership Summit, November 2-3, 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts. The award winners have been selected based on the quality of the entrant's submission and been judged by a panel of experts, including the Robotics Trends' editorial staff, advisory board and industry experts.

The most noteworthy robotics products 2011 
 Industrial & service robotics

Consumer Robotics

Educational Robotics 

The most noteworthy companies 2011
  • Boeing Company develops the SolarEagle, a new class of unmanned  aerial vehicles
  • Comau supplies integrated manufacturing systems
  • Energid Technologies Corporation developed next-generation robot prototype for heat exchanger inspection in nuclear power plants. The robot was created for use in an inspection system by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
  • EYESHOTS Consortium develops an advanced three-dimensional visual system synchronized with robotic arms which could allow robots to observe and be aware of their surroundings.
  • International Robotics, Inc. develops specially designed communication robots for schools, hospitals and clinics to assist special needs individuals.
  • QinetiQ North America provided military grade unmanned ground vehicles training, service and support to Tokyo Electric Power Company emergency response workers at the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant following the great earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.
  • SEEGRID develops vision-guided robotic industrial trucks for material handling in manufacturing and distribution environments. 
  • Texas A&M Center for RobotAssisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) is engaged in improving  disaster preparedness, prevention, response, and  recovery through the development and adoption of robots and related technologies. 
  • U.S. Department of Transportation announced that the University of Michigan 
  • will conduct a road safety field trial in using innovative technology equipment in everyday vehicles in a real-time environment. It also represents a first, tentative step towards self driving cars.
  • Willow Garage develops hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. 

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