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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Telepresence Robot Avatar with Sensory Feedback

Researchers at Tachi Lab, a leading laboratory in Virtual Reality and Telexistence, at Keio University, Japan have developed  Telesar V, a telepresence robot, that translates movements into the motions of a robot while giving sensory feedback from its eyes and hands.

The user wears a pair of VR goggles that control the robot’s head and see through its eyes. A pair of gloves control the robot’s hands, but, more impressively, also transmit force and temperature data from the robot’s sensors to the user’s skin. The Telesar V has a body, arms and hands (no legs as of yet). The robot can almost move as freely as a normal human, with 7 degrees of freedom for the body, 8 for the head, 7 for the arm joints and 15 for the hands. The ultimate goal is to create a robotic avatar, which enables you to do everything you do with your body identically with your remote robotic self.
TELEsarPhone at World Expo 2005
Professor Tachi has been working on telepresence robots since the 1980s based on his vision to "to free people from time and space constraints" with help of a remote controlled robot that can transmit sight, hearing and even touch.

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