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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Silver Market Opportunity: Care Robotics in Japan 2011

The global market of products and services for people 55+, so-called "Silver Market" is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decades. In Japan life expectancy at birth is now over 82, making it among the highest in the world,” notes Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, in his book The Glittering Silver Market: The Rise of Elderly Consumers in Asia.
In 2005, Japan’s population started shrinking for the first time and with it its labor force. By 2015, one fourth of the Japanese society will be older than 65 years, for 2025 forecasts expect even one third of them being as old.
The $ 1.9 Trillion Asian Silver Market
Increasing in number and share of the total population while at the same time being relatively well-off, this market segment can be seen as very attractive and promising, although still very underdeveloped in terms of product and service offerings.
For affluent countries in Asia – Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia – spending by elderly consumers is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015, with another $430 billion to be spent by elderly households in developing Asian countries, according to Hedrick-Wong.
Market Signals from Japan
Care-O-bot® 3 – Mobile Robot Assistant,
IPA, Stuttgart
The Fraunhofer Institute and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Japan is supporting an open and free workshop on "Care Robotics in the Aging Society - Integrating Users, Developers and Technology" at the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) Tokyo, Japan. The aim of this workshop is to bring together German and Japanese experts on the aging society and care robotics to discuss pressing issues in the development and deployment of robotic devices. A special focus will be placed on the man-machine interaction and the perspective of the user.
Prof. Dr. Takashi Komeda, Vice President, Shibaura Institute of Technology will talk about the Evolution in Care Robotics from an International Perspective.
 Dr. Diego Compagna, University of Duisburg-Essen and project Leader WiMi-Care, will present insights about Robot-User Interaction within User-orientated development from the WiMi- Care research Project in Germany.
 Prof. Dr. Takashi Nakajima, Deputy Director, Niigata National Hospital will talk about IIssues in Testing Care Robotic Devices in the Field: Using HAL in a Japanese Hospital
 Dr. Yoshihiro Fujita, C&C Innovation Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation, will talk about "Developing Care Robotic Devices: Results from an Experiment for Motivating Elderly People with Robot Guided Interaction."
New Robot Suit Industry

Earlier this year at the International Forum on Cybernics 2011 the topic "Robot Suit for the Future - Toward a Vibrant Society with Long and Healthy Lives -" gathered more than 500 participants to discuss leading edge of human-assistive technology. Topics included how to take full avantage of 'Cybernics' to support the Long-Lived and Healthy Society, modular playware for prevention and rehabilitation, novel mechatronic components for wearable exoskeletons, social issues of long and healthy lives. State-of-the-art technology ROBOT SUIT HAL was demonstrated and promoted by the Center of Cybernics Research (CCR). Check out the video below.

Cybernics is a new domain of interdisciplinary academic field of human-assistive technology to enhance, strengthen, and support human's cognitive and and physical functions.

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