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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Robot Meeting at Israeli parliament, Knesset

Robots at Knesset 2011/ISRA
Robotics has been identified as an strategic technology for Israel by the Israeli government, that has initiated a national program to develop the robotics industry in Israel. Earlier this year members of the government, industry leaders and leaders from academia came together to discuss trends, demand and opportunities for Israeli robotics. A collection of  mobile consumer and service robots was exhibited for the delegates during the meeting session. Among topics discussed at the meeting was the establishment of a National Institute of Robotics. 
New Robotics Network
One outcome of this meeting was the establishment of the Israeli Robotics Association (ISRA) including senior members of the Israeli robotics community from industry and academia. The aim of ISRA is to promote robotics as a field of national priority and to foster a viable robotics industry in Israel. 
Israeli Robotics Industry 
Some of the leading robotics companies in Israel are listed below. Click image for enlargement.
IL robotics companies /GRB 2011

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