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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kobot - a new mobilty concept robot vehicle

Japanese robot company Tmsuk and electronic manufacturer Kowa Co. Ltd. have developed an new electric concept eco-car called "Kobot".  Three different models of the  fold-able robot scooter controlled by a smart phone wowed visitors to the 42th Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

The Kobot is a three-wheel scooter with just one seat and can drive 30 km/h. It can be packed away after use in a space of around one square meter.  The developer Kowa Tmsuk hopes the electrically-powered vehicle will be perfect for navigating crowded city streets, without adding to air pollution. The vehicles may be ready for the market Q4 in 2013.

Preview the video below for a first impression.
Via kmoriyama

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