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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Robot Apps

Lawn Mowing Robot-Controlling iPhone App
My Automower, developed by Swedish Husqvarna AB, is an iPhone app designed specifically to work with the Husqvarna robotic lawn mower Automower. The app enables an Automower owner to deploy the robot directly by simply sending SMS messages to get remote access.
The owner can check the statur of the lawn mowing robot, tell the robot to start mowing, return to the charger or set timers.

My Automower is available for free on the iTunes App Store!

LEGO Robot-Controlling Android App
Danish LEGO has launched the MINDdroid  application for Android phones (1.6 or higher). The free MINDdroid app is a remote-control application that turns an Android handset into a wireless remote control devices for robots built using a LEGO Mindstorm NXT kit. MINDroid quickly connects to an NXT robot over a standard Bluetooth connection. Once connected, the app uses the phone’s accelerometer to send directional controls to the NXT brick, which is the “brains” of an Mindstorms robot. Tilting the phone will activate motors on the robot to move left, right, forward or back, for example. An included Action button in the software can be used for other motor-based activities, such as shooting out an object from the robot or closing a gripper hand.

The MINDdroid Application has been developed by Guenther Hoelzl, professor at the Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt (Higher Technical Learning Institute) Klagenfurt, Austria and Shawn Brown, Java programmer in Tokyo, Japan, in collaboration with the LEGO MINDSTORMS team.

The source code for MINDdroid is released under the GPL v3 license and it is freely downloadable here.
Telepresence Robot-Controlling iPhone/iPod Touch App

Rovio Driver is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that gives the user a whole new way to control the Rovio telepresence robot. By using the built-in accelerometer the user can move around the Rovio and take advantage of the wide touchscreen to control the head position! Alternatively, the user can use a virtual joystick to move your Rovio with better accuracy.
This application is available for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store!

AVA Apps
Two of iRobot’s initial Ava apps focus on navigation and map-building. It’s a key aptitude for a robot that was built to roam hospital and factory floors with minimal human oversight. One app essentially creates a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) map based on Ava’s excursions. The map, which resembles a 2D maze, can then be labeled and otherwise refined for a person to use in directing Ava around a room or floor.

Ava’s other app also maps its environment but with an emphasis on 3D images. The view on that map resembles a high-end video game with a first-person vantage point: full of grids, planes and three-dimensional objects.

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