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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RoboBowl 2011 - Finalists

RoboBowl Pittsburgh is the first in a series of contests for startup and early-stage companies that are trying to develop products for underserved markets; this competition focuses on health care and quality of life products.
The five finalists are Interbots, creating robotic toys for children with autism; Origami Robots, special needs therapy robots; TactSense Technologies, tactile feedback for robotic surgical systems; Bright Cloud International Corp., personalized video games and robotics to improve stroke and traumatic brain injury patients, and RescueBotics, human rescue robots. 
Each finalist receives $5,000, and a chance to win an additional $20,000.

RoboBowl is organized by The Robotics Technology Consortium (RTC), a non-profit industry organization created to speed the transition and deployment of robotics technology for the Defense Department and other Government organizations, and The Innovation Accelerator (IA), the private side of a public-private partnership with a Federal Agency of the United States of America.

The competition is hosted by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and The Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT).

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