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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ping Pong Robots

Researchers at the Zhejiang University’s Institute of Cyber Systems and Control in Hangzhou have developed two humanoid robots, Wang and Zu, that can play ping pong. The robots track the ball with head-mounted cameras and calculate its path. The arm that hits the ball has 30 different motors and can perform 7 distinct motions. The swinging motion is pretty smooth and humanlike.
Check out the video below.

In 2007 at the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition (IREX) the robotic company TOSY from Vietnam demonstrated TOPIO a bipedal humanoid robot designed to play table tennis against a human being. It had been developed since 2005. TOPIO 3.0 (the latest version of TOPIO) was appr. 1.88 m tall and weighed 120 kg. and uses an advanced artificial intelligence system to learn and continuously improve its skill level while playing.
TOPIO from Tosy Robotics

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