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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dental patient robot "Showa HANAKO 2" first in the world

tmsuk: Hanako2 Showa Face and body
The department of Orthodontics, Showa University has introduced the dentistry patient robot as the official curriculum of clinical training for student first in the world.

The dental patient robot "Showa Hanako2” developed by Japanese robot company tmsuk., has achieved more humanized performances than the previous model. It is more users friendly and highly functioned. She looks like a live actual woman with some behaviors. Furthermore it becomes easier to change the parts as teeth and mucous membrane. It means less maintenance and long durability.
Hanako2 Showa was developed in cooperation with Orient Industry, and has got better appearance with practical use by improving face mask and oral mucous membrane. The structure of newly developed oral cavity is under applying the patent.  Powered by electric motor, neck turn becomes more smoothly as human action.  Collaborating with IT device/software company, RayTron, a new voice recognition system specialized for dentistry training was developed so that Hanako 2 recognize the voice of student even with mouth mask. It is possible to raise her left hand and be felt her pulse on her right hand.

Yoshida Dental Trade Distribution Co., Ltd, a wholesaler of dental equipment and products in Japan, will start selling the patient robot. Yoshida expect the potentiality of the patient robot which gives students participating clinical training before human patient training. The new robot may contribute to improve clinical training and to keep good quality of dentistry ability for wider dentistry students. Selling the patient robot might boost not only advanced medical education but also developing robot industry.

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