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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bicycle Riding Robots from Japan

Japanese robot enthusiast Dr. Guero has adapted a diminutive Kondo KHR-3HV humanoid robot to ride a little bicycle. The robot balances by steering the bicycle and brakes by putting its feet down. Dr. Guero calls his bicycle riding robot Primer-V2.

But this is not the first bicycling robot from Japan. Murata Manufacturing was first with it´s bicycling robot Murata Boy demonstrated at the CEATEC Japan 2005 in Makuhari. The robot was equipped with four types of sensors: two gyro sensors used to detect angular velocity and inclination; an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles; and a shock sensor to detect rough surfaces. The robot was connected to a PC via wireless LAN connection for forward, stop, and backward type commands and he can follow pre-programmed paths. It was about 2 foot tall and reached speeds of 30 inches per second and could even balance while at a complete stop.

The components in the 2010 version of Murata Boy include IR sensor, electronic double rayer capacitor,
Bluetooth® low energy module, power supply module to exchange the power voltage efficiently with the one battery, wireless power transmission system and a Wi-Fi Module.

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