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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Service Robotics 2011

Sales of service robots for professional use in 2010 increased with 4%. More than 13,700  were sold in 2010 according to IFR Statistics The sales value increased by 15% to US$3.2 billion. 75% of the total unit sales of professional service robots in 2010 were defense or field robots.

US$ 700 million defense robots
Service robots in defense (military) applications accounted for 45% of the total number of service robots for professional use sold in 2010 and about 22% of the total sales. UAVs are the most important application. The value of defense robots can only roughly be estimated at US$ 696 million in 2010.
US$ 744 million field robots
The total number of field robots - mainly milking robots - sold in 2010 was almost 4,200 units, accounting for a share of 30% of the total unit supply of professional service robots. The sales value for field robots was about US$ 744 million, accounting for about 24% of the total value of professional service robot sales.

Forecast 2011-2014

IFR forecasts the number of service robots for professional use to increase to 87,500 units between 2011 and 2014. Thereof, more than 25,500 milking robots are deemed to be sold in the period 2011-2014, followed by service robots for defense applications with more than 22,600 units.
A strong growing sector will be the mobile platforms in general use. Service robot suppliers estimate that about 12,000 mobile platforms in general use will be sold in the period 2011- 2014.

Service robots for personal/domestic use
Service robots for personal and domestic use are mainly in the areas of domestic (household) robots, which include vacuum cleaning, lawn-mowing, entertainment and leisure robots, including toy robots, hobby systems, education and research. In 2010, about 540,000 service robots for personal/domestic use were sold. Some 14.4 million units may be added in the period 2011-2014. Sales value in the forecasted period will be about US$ 5.4 billion.

Robotland comments
Surprisingly the IFR statistics seems again exclude some important suppliers. According to the recent annual report of  home robotics market leader iRobot the total number of home robots shipped in fiscal 2010 were 1,269,000 units compared to 988,000 units in fiscal 2009.

Irobot explains that the increase in home robot division revenue and units shipped was primarily attributable to increased international sales of our home robot products resulting from our efforts to increase our global presence. In fiscal 2010, international home robot revenue increased $62.3 million, domestic home robot revenue from our retail channel increased $3.4 million, and domestic home robot revenue from our direct channel decreased $2.2 million as compared to fiscal 2009. Home robot division revenue from international sales, which consist of products having a higher average selling price than products sold to domestic customers, was 66.0% of total home robot division revenue in fiscal 2010 as compared to 53.8% in fiscal 2009.

Important update! 
The IFR service robotics report includes more realistic numbers as reported in the press release. The number of domestic robots sales in 2010 was estimated to 1.445 million including all types. The value of sales increased by 39% to US$538 million.

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