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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apps for iRobot AVA robot

iRobot AVA

iRobot has developed a new robot called AVA, that is targeting hospitals, retailers, manufacturers, businesses and eventually regular consumers, planed to be released in 2012. The five-foot-tall, wheeled robot uses both Android and Apple devices as its head and user interface. The aim is to tap into the large communities of Android and iOS developers for apps that could provide additional features and capabilities to the new robot. According to a recent Forbes article CEO Colin Angle believes Google Android developers appear most likely to develop apps for the AVA robot that has a number of potential uses including helping doctors assist in remote hospitals, guiding shoppers around stores, hosting teleconferences in companies and acting as butlers in private homes. Google may have an edge over Apple because Android may offer more functionality for developers who want to create apps for Ava. APIs (Application Programming Interface) will probably be available sooner for i.e. Google’s calling and messaging service Google Talk than for Apple’s video-calling service FaceTime. Google Talk access would enable developers to write more complex programs for the robot — enabling it to recognize and respond to voice commands.

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