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Monday, April 25, 2011

Great robotics: Fund Raising Robot from UK

Credit: Tim Pryde
Tim Pryde, a product design student in Dundee, UK, has developed a small robot called DON-8r (pronounced “donator“) for fund-raising. The robot travels through public spaces relying upon coin donations from passers-by to keep it moving. Each donation not only helps to power DON-8r but also goes directly towards supporting a chosen charity. Inspired by the increasingly negative attitude that many people have towards on-the-street charity workers, DON-8r raises money through encouraging playful and empathetic support from strangers and passers-by. DON-8r has recently been wowing shoppers in Dundee, Scotland raising both money and awareness for Dundee Science Centre. Designed to be re-branded to suit different charities, DON-8r provides a unique platform for charities to engage with members of the public in a fun and memorable manner. Check out video below.

(Source: Tim Pride via Rickard Ahlstom)

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