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Friday, March 11, 2011

Rescue Robot Alert - Earth Quake Japan 2:46pm local time

A tsunami striked the coast of Japan following an 8.9-magnitude earthquake at 2.46pm local time. Tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific area, as far away as Australia and south America have been announced.
Search & Rescue robots might help
The earth quake is again a reminder of how important having technology immediately on site is critical, as the first 72 hours are especially critical for life-saving.
Rescue robots help relief efforts in the aftermath of earthquakes and other disasters by navigating through wreckage that is too dangerous for people to enter and by gathering information on missing persons and the surrounding conditions. Small unmanned marine vehicles, both surface (boats) and ROVs (underwater), can be of assistance in inspecting bridges for underwater damage or debris posed to crash into the substructure and damage the bridge.
Recent years have seen rapid advances in the development of these robots, and Japan is a global leader in the field. International Rescue System Institute (IRS) in Kawasaki, Japan is the industry-government-academia-civillian research organization to advance and diffuse high-technologies coping with disaster.
Robotland hopes all the survivors may be found quickly, families reunited, and the responders safely recovering. 

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