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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Firefighting Robot for Nuclear Power Station from Croatia

Time is running out for the Fukushima site and the need of a robotic firefighting solution is urgent. While the world is asking why there are no Japanese robots fighting the nuclear heat, and leading robot experts refer to prototypes only, privately owned Croatian company DOK-ING Ltd. might have a solution. The company established in 1991 and registered for the production of robots and equipment for special purposes is one of the international leaders in designing and manufacturing remote controlled firefighting robotic vehicles MVF-5.

March 21: DOK-ING has informed Robotland, that there are only two prototypes machines at their facility in Zagreb and that operators/fireman need two-week training for this new technology. 

The MVF-5 is unique remote controlled fire fighting system developed to fight fires in hazardous and inaccessible areas. It is designed to help fire-fighters to do their job in the most challenging and dangerous conditions. The MVF-5 is the third product launched by DOK-ING and was designed based on the development of the previous DOK-ING machines. The system is an example of a highly sophisticated robotic system incorporating the latest fire fighting technologies that enable users to extinguish fires with minimal personnel and vehicle damage. The remote-control system allows the user to remain outside the range of danger during operation. The system is effective in clearing a path for traditional fire fighting vehicles in difficult terrain.
The standard operating tool mounted in front of the vehicle is a hydraulic arm and blade tool attachment which allows the system to grip and remove obstacles. The MVF-5 has a Ziegler water pump with a range of 55 m and tanks with a capacity of 1800 l of water and 600 l of foam.
The MVF-5 can effectively operate in the following locations: Oil refineries and chemical plants, chemical storage areas, nuclear power stations, military storage depots, transportation of flammable materials, forests
urban environments.


DOK-ING was awarded a grant in the amount of EUR 803,000 for the technological improvements of the Jelka Fire Fighting System. Through this program, a new joint remote control system will be developed with incorporated video system with thermal cameras, GPS positioning system, pattern recognition system, and multilayer thermo reflecting paint. The project has gathered the consortium of four small & medium enterprises: Croatian DOK-ING as a coordinator, Spanish MESA, Greek Kampakas and Definet along with 2 scientific institutions: Croatian Institute of Naval Engineering and SCOT-Atri from Scotland.

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