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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fire Fighting Robots for Fukushima Cooling

Japanese military helicopters dumped water on an overheating Fukushima nuclear plant on Thursday while the United States expressed growing alarm about leaking radiation and said it was sending aircraft to help Americans leave the country. But where are the Fire Fighting Robots?
According to IFR Service Robot 2010 report many prototypes of fire- and bomb-fighting robots have been designed but very few designs have been commercialized. IFR exspects that up to the end of year 2009 about 1000 units of fire and bomb fighting robots have been sold.

Fire Fighting Robots 2011

The diesel-powered LUF60 from Austrian Rechners GmbH  is a wireless remote controlled mobile fire-fighting support unit, which clears the path for advancement of up to a distance of 300 m by incorporating a high capacity positive pressure ventilator and a “water beam” fog. This combination clears away smoke, heat, toxic gases and reduces the intensity of the fire, allowing fire-fighting and rescue teams to more safely approach the incident.

The FFR-1 Fire Fighting and Rescue Wireless Robot of InRob Tech Ltd., Israel,  is an example of a robot designed for high-risk fire-fighting missions, allowing fire-fighters to carry out operations that were hitherto impossible because of physical constraints or risk to human life.

Komatsu Fire-Fighting Robot

Credit: Komatsu
The award-winning Komatsu fire-fighting robot is remote-control fire-fighting robot is relatively compact in size for combating blazes in urban environments. An array of 8 high-resolution wide-angle cameras provides a panoramic view of the surroundings, and a multi-channel control system allows 10 fire-fighting robots to be deployed simultaneously. Special nozzles that are 10 times more powerful than those on conventional fire hoses allow the robot to blast flames with 5,000 liters of water per minute.

Korean Hoya Robot has developed a compact 2 wheeled rolling robot is intended to be used by fire-fighters as their personal spy. Despite its heavy armour and robust look, it measures only 12.5 centimeters in diameter and weighs 2 kilograms. This robotic device can be thrown into a building on fire and operate there for 30 minutes. As it can withstand temperatures up to 160°C, fire-fighters can explore the environment and plan their actions accordingly using this remote controlled robot.

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Norbert said...

According to IFR Service Robot 2010 report many prototypes of fire- and bomb-fighting robots have been designed but very few designs have ...

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I think best robot for fire fighting i have ever seen.
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