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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Robovie-PC Winner of the World's First Robot Marathon

Credit: AFP/Yahoo News
The winner of the world´s first full-length marathon for two-legged robots is Robovie PC (right) of Japanese robot technology firm Vstone Co.,
Robovie PC won after running 54 hours 57 minutes 50 seconds, organizers said, one second ahead of its rival. The average speed was 0,75 km/hr.
World Champion Runners Speed
Robots will have to exercise many years before they can compete with human world champions.  
The human marathon world record is 2 hours 3 minutes and 59 seconds, held by Ethiopian long-distance track and road running athlete Haile Gebrselassie. He is about 27 times faster than Robovie.
100 Meter Speed Record
The 100 m world record champion Usain Bolt from Jamaica is running 37,58 km/h.
Paraolymics runner
South African Oscar Pistorius, who has a double amputation and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 meter (sport class T44) events. His 100 meter running speed is 33 km/h.
The the world's most advanced humanoid runners so far are ASIMO from Honda running 6 km/hr and Toyota's humanoid running 7 km/h.

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