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Monday, February 14, 2011

Robots@Future en Seine 2011

Futur en Seine is the festival for digital life and creativity, an international biennial held in Paris and the Paris Region. The coming edition shall take place from the 17th to the 26th of June 2011.

  • Gostai will demonstrate Jazz Connect, a project that enables trade fair visitors to avoid highly CO2 emitting journeys by making them digitally present via telepresence robots, which move around and communicate with exhibitors.
  • Strate Collège Designers with partners Le CUBE and Le CRIIF will demonstrate a range of robotic urban furniture that interacts with its surroundings.

Futur en Seine 2009 Teaser with english subs
Uploaded by Cap_Digital. - Technology reviews and science news videos.
Futur en Seine 2011 is open to contributions from the worldwide digital community: take part in the festival by answering one of the 4 calls for participation launched by Cap Digital!

Whether you’re a company, research lab, school, institution, or artist, you can apply before the 1st of March at 12:00 (GMT+1).

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