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Monday, February 28, 2011

Robots Against Landmines

According to the Landmine Monitor 2010, a total of 66 states and seven other areas were confirmed or suspected to be mine-affected. A total of 3,956 new casualties to landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) were recorded in 2009, the lowest annual total since monitoring began in 1999 and 28% lower than in 2008. At least 1,041 people were killed, 2,855 were injured, and the status of 60 casualties was unknown.
Robots Safe Lives
There have been major recent advances in robotic systems that can replace humans in undertaking hazardous activities in demanding or dangerous environments. The new book
Using robots in hazardous environments: Landmine detection, de-mining and other applications, edited by Y Baudoin, Polytechnical Faculty Royal Military Academy, Belgium and M K Habib, American University in Cairo, Egypt, reviews the development of robotic systems for de-mining and other risky activities such as fire-fighting, discusses the development and applications of sensors for mine detection using different robotic systems and examines research on multi-agent-systems and multi-robotics systems. Published in association with the CLAWAR (Climbing and Walking Robots and Associated Technologies Association) this important book is an indispensible reference for researchers and government agencies involved in the use of robots for landmine detection and disposal.
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