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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

First Danish Geminoid

Denmark has become the Center of  Japanese robotics in Europe. After introduction of therapy robot PARO in Denmark 2008 and the robot suite HAL from Cyberdyne in 2010, now the first Geminiod outside Japan is developed at Aalborg University in cooperation with ATR and Kokoro. The purpose of the project led by Henrik Scharfe, Associate Professor, and Director of Center for Computer-mediated Epistemology, is to systematically investigate certain aspects of Human Robot Interaction, the novel concept of Blended Presence, and by studying cultural differences in the perception of robots.The project is intended to advance android science and philosophy, in seeking answers to fundamental questions, many of which that have also occupied the Japanese researchers. The most important questions are:
- What is a human?
- What is presence?
- What is a relation?
- What is identity?
The Danish Geminoid will be modeled over professor Henrik Scharfe and is expected to arrive in April 2011. Pictures, videos etc about the geminoid project will be published at
Update 2011-03-10: Check out video below for first impressions.

The first geminoid, HI-1, was created in 2005 by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and the Tokyo-based firm, Kokoro.

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