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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Top 10 Robotics Researchers 2011

Microsoft Academic Search lists about 37.000 researchers linked to search term "robotics". The top 10 names ranked after citations are 

  1. Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University 
  2. Sebastian Thrun, Stanford University
  3. Marco Dorigo, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  4. Maja Mataric University of Southern California
  5. Wolfram Burgard, Universität Freiburg
  6. Oussama Khatib, Stanford University
  7. Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
  8. Gaurav Sukhatme, University of Southern California
  9. Daniela Rus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  10. Minoru Asada, Osaka University

The Co-author graph below presents Prof. Takeo Kanade´s co-author relationships among robotics scholars and provides a deeper insight in research connections and intellectual impact. 

(Click if graph isn´t visible! iPhone/iPad users, sorry but this interactive Microsoft Graph doesn´t work on your platforms.)

On the Co-author Graph each node represents an author, and a bigger node means the author has more publications. The more papers two authors write together, the closer their nodes are positioned. The graph also contains other information such as paper count and basic information of each author, number of co-written papers between two authors, etc.. 
If you need more information about co-author analysis please contact Infonaut


夏炎 said...

hi, i'm working on the project "academic search". And i saw there is a typo error in your code that embeds our social network graph: "scale = 0,8" should be "scale = 0.8". could you update the code so that it will work? thanks and glad to see your feedback about our site. :)

Infonaut AB said...

Thank you for your comment. I've updated the code and installed the Silverlight plug-in for Safari on my iMAC but it seams not to work yet.

Infonaut AB said...

The "scale=0.8" change didn´t work at all, so I changed back to 0,8. Now it works in Windows again.