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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mindmapping Global Robotics

Who is leading the robotics revolution? Where are the big funders? Who are the top talents in robotics? Where do they meet? Where do they publish? Which are the leading robot companies in the world? Where can a busy robotics researcher or manager find the answers?

Global Robotics Brain 2011
Global Robotics Brain is the ideal starting point for everyone interested in robotics. With only a few clicks the world of robotics is open by country, industry or topic. With powerful search features users can search by key words or tags that link directly to home pages, short notes or documents for further exploring. The great advantage with Global Robotics Brain is that you can search as deep as you want while maintaining an ordered view.

Robotics Intelligence
Global Robotics Brain is not only a tool for searching, it can also help researchers and managers to get deeper insight into relations and connections between universities, companies, projects, and researchers. Here you can analyze networks of researchers to find partners for new projects. Global Robotics Brain can be useful for companies to identify strategic partnerships or teams of researchers for knowledge creation and sharing. Collaboration maps provide management with information on the structures and relationships between researchers and development teams. It can also be useful to identify and weave communities of practice. 

Facts & Figures: more than 22.000 robotics research and development organizations including 36.000 links to people, projects and publications. More than 8.000 web links, 3.000 notes and 120 robotics tags. More than 100.000 updates have been made so far.

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