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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dutch Robotics 2011 Inventory

Dutch robotics network Robonet has performed an inventory on Dutch Robotics Activities. In a brand new report 94 different projects are listed including information about application fields, technology, website and contact details.  
The projects are classified in five main application groups: health, industrial, consumer services and applications, professional services and applications, and space as shown in the graph below. 

Image: RoboNED Dutch Robotics Inventory2011

The projects will be available for searching via the RoboNED database
RoboNED started in April 2010 with coordinating robotics activities in the Netherlands and aims to bring the various fields and disciplines involved in robotics together. RoboNED' goal is to stimulate the innovation-ecosystem in the Netherlands by uniting stakeholders from research, education, industry and society. RoboNED will also stimulate the social acceptance of robotics in the Netherlands. 

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