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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robots@CES 2011

  • Few robot innovations announced 
  • Robots from USA, Japan, Korea, China and Israel 
  • Vacuum cleaning robots and educational toys
  • European robotics is missing
Consumer robotics is still a marginal industry with few international players, few attractive products and hard competition from established segments such as audio, digital imaging, home theater, wireless, content and gaming markets. Only 2% of 2700 exhibitors are listed as robotics exhibitors at the International CES 2011, 6-9 January, Las Vegas, USA, the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow. About 20 companies are represented in the Robotics Tech Zone as part of the Emerging Technology Section.

U.S. Robotics is represented by 6 robot companies - iRobot, Neato Robotics, Metapo, Owirobot and Orbotics, Innovo Labs -, one media company Robotics Trends and the QoLT Foundry, a CMU center for Quality of Life Technology.
Infonaut/GRB CES 2011 Robotics Exhibitors

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is presenting the Japan Pavilion at the 2011 International CES Robotics TechZone, for the fourth time since 2007. This year's Japan Pavilion features nine exhibitors, many of them pioneers in their fields such as Cyberdyne, Vstone Co. Ltd, Murata Electronics, PARO. JS-Robotics Inc. is a business venture focusing on research, development, manufacturing and sales of education-oriented IT and robotics. The JETRO promotion brochure claims that JS-Robotics since its establishment in 2006 has achieved sales of over 1000 Educational Robotic Kits. (A small volume in a country with 35.000 elementary and secondary schools)

Korean Robotics is represented by four companies: Yujin Robotics, Mami Robot Corporation, RoboBuilder Co., Whitebox Robotics and Ilshim Global Company Ltd. presenting Windoro is a flat, autonmous window cleaning robot that uses water, detergent and rotating pads to clean glass while navigating with obstacle sensors.

China will be represented by four companies specialized in ODM/OEM robotics such as Jetta (iRobot manufacturer), Shenzen Silver Star, Ecovacs, showing vacuum cleaning robots.

Surprisingly no European robotics company is listed as exhibitor. 

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ROBOToni said...

I think European exhibitors, distributors and manufacturers are waiting for INNO-ROBO, in Lyon (France) on March 2011. We will be there:


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Toni Ferraté